WellPutt Training Aids

WellPutt, founded by a European golf professional, is a collection of putting training aids that are original, innovative and effective for all golfers, no matter their skill level. The company began with the introduction of the award-winning Welling Putt Mat, which quickly gained popularity among instructors and golfers who like to practice putting indoors. Wellstance emphasizes the fundamentals of stance, alignment and ball position. Arc to Arc focuses on the arc of the swing movement and encourages light contact with the ball. WellPutt training aids allow golfers to hone their putting strokes, then take their newfound skills to the golf course, where they implement what they’ve learned and execute with a new degree of accuracy.


Arc to Arc 5


The Arc to Arc is for the golfer looking to improve the technicality of his putting stroke. It enables the golfer to see his stroke and feel the path of the putter head. This training aid is offered in various strokes, including square, standard (arc) and light (ball position), and is available in left-hand and right-hand variants.

Welling Putt Mat


The innovative Welling Putt Mat was designed to be used both indoors and outdoors to sharpen the golfer’s feel, direction and alignment in putting, such an integral part of the game. This mat rolls at about a 10 on the stimp meter and no grain, both ways. There are many games to be played on this mat.


H4DistributionWellStance, designed by WellPutt, is a useful training aid for the golfer looking to enhance and repeat the proper ball position for each club in the bag. WellStance is also used for alignment purposes in acting as your guide while practicing your game on your own.

Gate Drill Weights

H4DistributionThese are popular sturdy weights to be used on the putting green and replace tees while working on drills. These weights can sustain a golf ball from hitting, and are used in lieu of tees on the putting green. These weights are also used to hold down the Arc to Arc for indoor use.