It's no secret, there are a lot of golf tournaments run by charities, corporations, golf courses, and municipalities every day. Many brands and products target there sales efforts around tournaments as it’s a great way to get their product in front of an engaged and targeted audience.

H4 Distribution uses an inside sales and outside sales approach. Our inside sales team is continuously calling on charities and corporations and sending them information on our tournament packages, speaking directly with the tournament coordinator of each tournament. There is then follow up of images, videos, samples shipped so the committee can make a decision on their tournament gift.

In addition to charities and corporate gifting, our sales team is working with golf courses to supply our brands and products for their member run tournaments. The decision maker in this process is typically the Golf Professional or the Merchandiser at the given golf shop. During our sales meetings at golf courses we brainstorm tournament ideas and leave behind a tournament menu with our brands and products and share success stories from our past tournaments we have serviced.

For all of our tournaments we try and supply not only a product but create memorable experiences for the participants playing in the tournament. For example, for SKIMP we have done a “custom fit belt station” or a hole in one contest with one of our giant tees by Hubert Prive. With our industry knowledge we can find custom ways to make your product fit in to golf tournaments. If you are the one in charge of the golf tournament, you can also reach out to us to discuss multiple ways to work with you and your tournament committee.