GOLFSmart Powered by Volvik


GOLFSmart Powered by Volvik is the first and ONLY scientifically based Dietary Supplement engineered expressly for the game of golf. Rigorous testing with the lab technicians and a multitude of clinically proven ingredients led to the development of the PERFECT formulation and achieved without sacrificing GREAT TASTE! The feedback from men and women tour players, club professionals, junior players and duffers across the golf world is a resounding thumbs up on GOLFSmart’s performance and taste.

First and foremost every golfer should know that the GOLFSmart is safe and effective. It is formulated using only FDA approved GRAS (generally recognized as safe) ingredients which are the allowed substances published and recognized by the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition.

In addition to this every serious athlete will take confidence in knowing that each and every production batch of GOLFSmart is independently laboratory tested by BSCG to be certified drug free.

The triple blend approach of the formulation sets GOLFSmart Powered by Volvik well ahead of any other commercial product. Unlike every other supplement on the market intended to be taken every day and provide general health benefits…GOLFSmart is specifically designed to be taken immediately before and during your golf game. The great tasting formulation contains three highly specialized, proprietary blends designed to improve a player’s focus, energy and hydration.


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