Our Brands


Born of a shared passion for golf among two French aeronautical industrialists and a golf professional, Argolf presents an exclusive line of custom putters made from the finest materials and featuring precision design to enhance the games of golfers around the world. Tested and used by European Tour players, Argolf putters, made in France, have beautiful sight lines and engineering lines. The putters have a consistent weight and feel, with no inserts. Featuring exceptional engineering, quality, accuracy and look, each Argolf putter is made from a single block of metal, milled to the type of head that fits an individual golfer’s stroke. Argolf is a partner of the BMW Golf Cup in France. To honor the origins of the Argolf story, the putters are named after Camelot legends. Every golfer who selects an Argolf putter is choosing a legend.

Golf In Sync

Among training aids, Golf In Sync emerges as extraordinary. Simple in design yet brilliantly effective in honing the swing, Golf In Sync, invented by Swedish golf instructor Niklas Eliasson, has been discovered by serious golfers worldwide. Primarily for refining the short game, Golf In Sync helps a player perform a synchronized swing in which body rotation generates power and in which the arms, hands and club naturally follow the body’s motion. Also useful for full-swing training, Golf In Sync enhances a player’s understanding of the value of consistently repeating a successful swing movement during training and practice. Golfers of every skill level will find Golf In Sync beneficial.


Created by a team of young trendsetters in Lyon, France, SKIMP is a collection of stylish, colorful everyday accessories. With SKIMP, the ordinary becomes extraordinary. The first item to be introduced was a buckleless SKIMP belt, the result of a misadventure with a standard belt in an airport security line. SKIMP belts, metal free, uni-sex and available in 20 color choices, are an avant-garde fashion statement. The belts are lightweight and adjustable, and come in playful packaging. Next came the SKIMP watch, waterproof and designed for men and women. Available in 16 colors and several styles, the watches feature bracelets and cases made of matte silicone and a black sheen background. With evocative style names, accurate technology and irresistible panache, SKIMP watches keep the time and set the tone. The SKIMP bag, attractive and functional, comes in a complete range of colors and styles, from toiletry bag to travel bag. Featuring vivid Tarpaulin fabric and cotton handles, SKIMP bags can be mixed and matched with clothing and accessories. To help protect the planet by reducing pollution, SKIMP products are composed of recycled materials and are transported by ship rather than airplane.


WellPutt, founded by a European golf professional, is a collection of putting training aids that are original, innovative and effective for all golfers, no matter their skill level. The company began with the introduction of the award-winning Welling Putt Mat, which quickly gained popularity among instructors and golfers who like to practice putting indoors. Wellstance emphasizes the fundamentals of stance, alignment and ball position. Arc to Arc focuses on the arc of the swing movement and encourages light contact with the ball. WellPutt training aids allow golfers to hone their putting strokes, then take their newfound skills to the golf course, where they implement what they’ve learned and execute with a new degree of accuracy.


GOLFSmart is the first and ONLY scientifically based Dietary Supplement engineered expressly for the game of golf. Rigorous testing with the lab technicians and a multitude of clinically proven ingredients led to the development of the PERFECT formulation and achieved without sacrificing GREAT TASTE! The feedback from men and women tour players, club professionals, junior players and duffers across the golf world is a resounding thumbs up on GOLFSmart’s performance and taste.

First and foremost every golfer should know that the GOLFSmart is safe and effective. It is formulated using only FDA approved GRAS (generally recognized as safe) ingredients which are the allowed substances published and recognized by the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition.

In addition to this every serious athlete will take confidence in knowing that each and every production batch of GOLFSmart is independently laboratory tested by BSCG to be certified drug free.

The triple blend approach of the formulation sets GOLFSmart well ahead of any other commercial product. Unlike every other supplement on the market intended to be taken every day and provide general health benefits…GOLFSmart is specifically designed to be taken immediately before and during your golf game. The great tasting formulation contains three highly specialized, proprietary blends designed to improve a player’s focus, energy and hydration.

Easy Glove

Created in 2008 by a French designer, Easy Glove leads the way in customized golf gloves.
Easy Glove offers a collection of 60 glove designs for men and women – all customizable with logos for corporate or charity events, universities, associations or golf clubs. Each customized design uses 95% of the glove’s surface area.
Also available are key chains in the shape of mini golf gloves, also customizable with a logo.