From custom-built putters to the best in golf apparel, Argolf is a world leader in golf equipment and accessories. H4Distribution is proud to be the exclusive authorized dealer of Argolf products within the United States. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our exclusive Argolf putters.

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Joey D Golf | CLUB CRAFT


H4DistributionArthur: Write your own golf story and become your own king. Own the putter that has a solid feel, enabling a fearless stroke. This putter features traditional heel-to-toe weighting to ensure a square clubface at impact.

H4DistributionLancelot: Replace the traditional sword and become your own knight with this spectacular putter. One of our lighter putters, the Lancelot is a traditional putter that looks similar to a traditional putter.

H4DistributionMerlin: The wizard and his wand… This putter is named after a Camelot legend who was known for his magic. Be assured that you have never seen a putter that looks and feels like this. It’s a center-shafted gem.



H4DistributionMorgane: This center-shafted mallet, named after King Arthur’s sister, promises many magical moments for her owner. It is a face-balanced putter with roll-faced grooves to enhance an end-over-end roll.

H4DistributionUther: One of the most unique center-shafted face-balanced mallet putters you will ever see. This putter, named after King Arthur’s father, is legendary just by its looks. Very stable through impact.

H4DistributionPendragon: A heavy face-balanced center-shafted mallet putter. Pendragon, meaning “chief dragon” in Welsh, is a lasting name in history and soon will be in golf, too.



H4DistributionGraal: A one-of-a-kind putter, described by some as having a half moon-shaped head. Named for the Arthurian legend, this putter is precision milled and made of the purest titanium. The grip is wrapped in high-quality leather. The ultimate luxury putter for the golf enthusiast.

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