About Us

Quality, Service & Integrity

H4Distribution specializes in growing brands in the golf industry through strategic partnerships and relationships in retail, golf courses, tournaments and corporate gifting. Started in 2014, H4 Distribution has provided a turn key solution for our accounts and their costumers and clients. We provide solutions and work around the clock to work with our manufacturers and brands to make this happen. H4Distribution is dedicated to serve our customers while providing a superior finished product. We work with high end private to daily fee courses, national and regional retailers and even large corporations. Our past working experience in golf, management and customer service allow us to achieve success. We are constantly looking for the right tournament gift idea or unique stock item for retail , maintaining tight deadlines and exceeding high expectations.

" Low Minimums, custom logoed products offered at a great price"

Brian Foy

With a strong business and management background, Brian knows what it takes to be successful in this highly competitive market. Originally from the Philadelphia suburbs, Brian's passion in golf at a young age led him to pursue a degree in Professional Golf Management at Penn State University. After graduating, Brian was fortunate to work at some of the finest golf facilities in Pennsylvania, New York and Florida. While in Florida, he worked for the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company for 6 years. During this time he learned first-hand not only the importance of customer service, but how to create and execute high service levels. After leaving the golf professional side of the business, Brian worked for 2 startups prior to starting his own with Laurent.

Laurent-Alix Huguet

After 16 years working for the Walt Disney Company Parks & Resort and 7 positions (events and project management, marketing, corporate alliances development) Laurent took the decision to launch his own company to capitalize on his Disney experiences and on his business networking.
This new challenge is one the most exciting he ever has to manage. He decided to move from France with his wife and 2 daughters to launch this business in Jupiter, FL, the home to the legends of the game and also the current PGA Tour players.

Big Box Retail

H4 Distribution has a proven track record of placing product in the best national and regional retailers. Through strong relationships with each retailer and knowledge of the process to get a specific product in stores, we can help drive success for your brand or product.

Online Retailers

Its no secret, ecommerce is big business and is going to continue to grow. Seeing these trends, we have been proactive dedicating a Key Account Manager to all of our ecommerce partners we work with. Our professional team member manages the relationship with each buyer. Managing images, to product descriptions to UPC codes, there is a lot of detail and service required to ensure our products and brands are always being focused on by our online retail partners. We have also created drop ship relationships with some of our online retail partners to ensure fast delivery, and an easy onboarding process for both the retailer and the supplier.

Golf Courses and Resorts

With a around 15,000 golf courses in the US, this is a large segment for H4 Distribution. We have our dedicated team calling on golf courses daily. Our inside sales team is continuously following up with our accounts to ensure they are fully stocked, and our outside sales team is traveling course to course to show our golf course partners some of our new and exciting brands and products we are working with. This segment is all about relationships and having a PGA Professional on staff, certainly helps open the door to this highly competitive marketplace. We work with some the top 10 private clubs in the country, to resorts, to your daily fee course. We carefully select custom and logoed items for the golf course and craft a low minimum program that can fit with each golf courses budget. There are steps and a process put in place to be successful with your brand and product in this segment. Once there is demand and your product is well known we have access to over 100 Independent Reps to sell your brand/product.

Amazon and Ebay

According to Fortune, by 2021 Amazon will make up 50% of all Ecommerce Sales. H4 Distribution has taken the proactive approach to bring in a team member to focus there time solely dedicated on selling on these channels. Just like any sales channel, there is a certain method to create volume in sales. We carefully look at brands and products where we can improve their listing, provide analytics on future sales, create a marketing budget. This model has proven to create sales while not burning a hole through your wallet. In addition, we are set up to not only service your FBA shipments, but we also ship FBM shipments out of our warehouse.